Stranger Things is back!

Netflix released the widely anticipated second season of the sci-fi thriller 

By: Sammy Croteau|Arts & Culture Editor

IMG_4219.jpegPhoto: Abby Mclean

After a year of fans eagerly waiting, Eleven and the rest of the adventurous kid crew from the Netflix hit series, “Stranger Things,” are finally back for a second season filled with even more action, thrill, and strange things than the first.

The first season of the sci-fi show successfully took off only days after being released on Netflix, with people obsessing over the riveting storyline and adorable kid actors all around the country. “Stranger Things” takes place in the mid 80s in a small town community located in Hawkins, Indiana. The first season focuses on the mysterious disappearance of a young boy, Will Byers, when riding his bike home from his friend’s house one night. Piece by piece, Will’s mother, played by actress Winona Ryder, with the help of the town sheriff, Jim Hopper, work tirelessly to locate the lost boy. However, the harder they try to find Will, the stranger things get as other disappearances occur in town and Will’s mom faces a bizarre situation involving a hideous monster that she believes has her son held in another dimension.

Meanwhile, Will’s buddies try to gather information about their missing friend when they accidentally meet a young girl named Eleven, play by Millie Bobby Brown, who they later learn has supernatural powers. The boys befriend Eleven believing she could potentially lead them to find Will, but there seems to be something she is hiding from them about her confusing and unknown past.

Without giving any spoilers away, the second season takes place a year after Will’s disappearance and develops the story that unfolded in the first season, giving way to dangerous creatures in an “underworld” that could take over the town of Hawkins and eventually the world.

In the second season, new faces, connections, and romances are incorporated into the drama, adding to the complex structure of the show and giving more meaning to the overall story. Throughout the new season, the main characters come together and each portrays different heroic qualities that contribute to the emotional appeal of its viewers, making each cast member lovable and memorable to the audience. The nine-episode season is definitely worthy of binge watching because each hour long episode ends on a major cliff hanger, leaving you with no choice but to jump to the next.

Luckily, the end of the last episode in the second season leaves a promising message for fans that there will be a third season of the supernatural series, which is currently one of the most talked about shows on by Netflix.

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