Denim on Denim: Fashion Crime?

How to successfully pull off the widely debated style trend 

By: Sammy Croteau|Arts & Culture Editor 

IMG_6505.jpgPhoto: Abby Mclean

Flashback to 2001 when pop stars Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake debuted their head-to-toe denim look on the red carpet at the American Music Awards. Spears clutched a denim purse while sporting a long corset dress made from patchworks of various denim colors. Beside the blonde beauty stood Timberlake dressed up for the occasion in a full denim tuxedo complete with a denim cowboy hat. Although the teen stars stood as fashion icons for their fans 15 years ago, the game of fashion and denim wear has since evolved.
Britney and Justin’s statement outfits at the American Music Awards gave way to a new idea in the fashion industry. Is there such thing as too much denim? The stars may have went overboard on the inclusion of denim in their infamous looks, but don’t let their personal take scare you away from the versatile fabric. Here are some ways to work a denim outfit without being called out by the fashion police.
Over the past couple months and carried over into the fall season, denim dresses have become a popular staple able to be styled in endless ways. Instead of copying Britney Spears’ long denim dress, opt for a mini jean dress with less fabric so it isn’t overwhelming on first impression. Whether it is short sleeve or thin straps, a short denim dress can be paired with a colorful sweater, black tights, and ankle booties in the chilly fall season.
Overalls are another piece made fully of denim that can be tricky to pull together in one eye-catching look. The 90s trend has since made a fashion comeback this past year and there are new ways to improve the often drab piece. To avoid looking outdated, add some trendiness to a pair of plain overalls by distressing them with scissors and creating spontaneous rips and frays throughout. For the fall season, pant overalls are your best bet. On the hot days, decide on a pair of short overalls.
Working with one denim piece is simple to style, but bringing in two differentiating denim pieces is a fashion challenge that, if carried out correctly, can create a flawless vintage finish. When pairing two pieces of denim, choose two opposite shades to contrast one another and avoid the “2001 Britney look.” The more the denim shades differentiate one another, the easier it will be to come out victorious when styling your denim outfit.
Two basic denim pieces that are easy to pair together can be a denim jacket and skinny jeans. Other pieces to experiment with include buttoned jean skirts, high-waisted flare jeans, and distressed denim cutoffs. Remember, light denim goes with dark denim, and when including other pieces in the mix, choose neutral colors such as white, gray, and black so that the denim stays the focus of the perfected look.
Take the risk and don’t be afraid to pile on the denim this fall. As long as you mix the right colors and strut your confidence, then all eyes will be on you—for the best reasons!

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